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Today I whipped up a couple versions of this poster because at least once a week I’m compelled to utter the apology within to the mister.

Does anyone else out there suffer from the hangries?

Hangry Poster


Hangry Poster - Donut


Hangry Poster - Pizza


Can you relate?

Download a free 8.5×11 PDF of your favorite version for your very own (or for the object of your hanger):


Enjoy, and keep that belly happy!

Yoga Workshop Flyer

So excited to launch the AM Yoga website in a couple weeks.

For a sneak peak of the style, here’s a flyer I whipped together for a recent workshop.

Yoga Workshop Flyer

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Made with love by yours truly.

Girl Crush Valentine's Day Card

Printable Valentine's Day card - High Five

Printable Valentine's Day Card - You are Hot

Free Printable Valentine's Day Card - xoxo

Download a PDF of all 4 designs, and enjoy!

Inspired by: Panamanian Paint

We spent the holidays in some beautiful, undeveloped parts of Panama, like Playa Venoa and Kumbutal. When I say undeveloped, I mean that there are roads, but this is what you find on them:

Cows on the road

Do you guys know how much I love cows?

Anyhow, as if there isn’t enough beauty in the rain forest and on the beach, the locals charm the flip flops off of me with their incredible multi-colored homes. For instance:

Colorful beach huts

Colorful porches

Blue and yellow porch

Bright Exterior Paint

Lovely, eh?

Here are close ups of some more pairings:

yellow and orange

Green and Yellow

Tan and blue

Coral and Teal

Do these colors exist as exterior paint in the U.S.? If so, who wants to buy a block of row houses with me and make magic?!

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