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Month: February 2012


I first fell in love with graphic design back in 2008. I was organizing Art of Living courses in my free time, and I needed some flyers to pass out. My resources were pretty limited at the time, but I dare say I scraped together some pretty decent looking stuff using Microsoft Paint and Office, and some old school (and pretty corny) scrapbooking software.

Regardless of the quality of work I produced, the experience was magical. I became so absorbed when designing. It was like there was nothing else in the world. My attention was 100% focused; my mind was 100% present.

Four years, a fully-loaded MacBook, and a design degree + career later, I’m still volunteering with the Art of Living Foundation in my free time, and still loving every minute of making course flyers. Here’s one I made yesterday for an upcoming Art of Silence course that’s happening here in Panama.

Art of Living Art of Silence flyer

(The Art of Silence course, by the way, is offered all over the world. And it’s a life-changing experience itself, something you should all give a go. It refreshes you like nothing else. You will go bonkers over how brand new you feel at the end of it.)

She even makes good coffee.

Gopi, personal assistant / staff siesta

Olga Sinclair Foundation youth painting event

Went to this awesome free event on Saturday morning with my 3-year-old nephew-to-be, Roger.

Olga Sinclair Foundation painting event

There were hundreds of stations set up in the grass, each one equipped with large sheets of thick paper, a paintbrush (a nice one, too, with a long wooden handle) 5 colors of paint, a plate for mixing colors, and a bowl of water for cleaning your brush.

Each of the participants (the event was open to all young people, ages 1-17) got a primary colored t-shirt. When you looked out you saw this sea of bright colors.

Olga Sinclair Foundation 2012

The event was organized by the Olga Sinclair Foundation. [From their website:] “The primary objective of the Olga Sinclair Foundation is to achieve a comprehensive human development through art, aiming to produce a positive transformation in our society. Olga Sinclair believes that feeding the spirit of our youngsters with visual and musical arts wakes up within them a motivation to achieve noble goals in their lives.” Sing it, sista.

It makes me so happy to see things like this happening in Panama!